Option 1: Join the exclusive GACSO Network today by calling +44 01522 540069. Includes GACSO membership and IEMA Affiliate Membership all for £260.
Option 2: Fill in the interest form below and we’ll contact you to activate your GACSO membership.
By becoming a GACSO member you will have access to:
  • A network of senior corporate sustainability professionals
  • A ‘safe environment’ for joint learning and development
  • Specific events and online sessions developed ‘by and for’ corporate sustainability professionals
  • Special member-only free offers from GACSO-represented organisations (current offers are in place from Ricoh and KPMG)
  • The opportunity to receive mentoring from leading Corporate Sustainability professionals
  • The chance and anticipation that you will be able to make your own contribution to mentoring and sharing of experiences
  • Continuing access to all events and IEMA products associated with your Affiliate IEMA membership
Those who join GACSO will automatically receive membership of IEMA which features:
  • Access to a worldwide membership of 15,000 environment & sustainability professionals
  • A calendar of over 200 learning and networking events each year
  • A monthly subscription to the environmentalist magazine
  • Access to special member-only updates, downloads and publications

* Anyone aiming to join the GACSO community must confirm that meet the following criteria:.
“I confirm the majority of my job is focused on directing or managing an organisational sustainability process and / or on delivering equivalent level advice on corporate sustainability”