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Become a GACSO Member today. Call us on +44 (0)1522 540069 to activate your membership.

By becoming an IEMA-GACSO member you will have access to:
  • A network of senior corporate sustainability professionals
  • A ‘safe environment’ for joint learning and development
  • Specific events and online sessions developed ‘by and for’ corporate sustainability professionals
  • Special member-only free offers  from GACSO-represented organisations (current offers are in place from Ricoh and KPMG)
  • The opportunity to receive mentoring from leading  Corporate Sustainability professionals
  • The chance and anticipation that you will be able to make your own contribution to mentoring and sharing of experiences.

* IEMA Members seeking access to the IEMA GACSO Corporate Sustainability community must confirm that meet the following criteria.

“I confirm the majority of my job is focused on directing or managing an
organisational sustainability process and / or on delivering equivelant level advice on corporate sustainability”
** If your IEMA Membership renewal is less than six months away, we ask for a £20 administration fee. If it is more than six months away a £40 contribution towards administrating your GACSO membership is applicable.